Member Benefits

Why join?

Members have access to one-on-one business support, marketing opportunities, connections to other businesses, and exclusive resources.


Self-development and professional training

We have several regular programs and also offer special training sessions in partnership with organizations like Western Nebraska Community College. Have a topic you’d like to dive into? Get in touch to make it happen.

Leadership Cheyenne County

Learn about our community, build leadership skills, and connect with community leaders in this ten-month program.

Red Carpet Training

This semi-regular, two-hour seminar focuses on local hospitality. Learn how businesses make Cheyenne County the best place to live and visit.


Marketing and business support


Use our platform to increase your visibility. Our team also provides individualized marketing support and plans.

Business Incentives

Get funding to make starting and running a business easier. Contact us to learn about opportunities or check out the local economic development incentives.


We have an in-depth understanding of what’s happening locally and know the specific resources to help you take your business to the next level.


Self-development and professional training


We host several annual events to cultivate friendships with members and local community members. Business After Hours provides a more regular way to connect with leaders in an upbeat environment. We’re also there to cheer on new businesses with ribbon cuttings.


Stay informed about what’s going on in our local government. We attend City Council meetings to keep members up-to-date. We also believe in connecting with legislative leaders to encourage choices that build up local business.


We’re better together. We love introducing business leaders so they can collaborate, inspire, and support each other. We also connect people to volunteer opportunities and ways to give back.


Number of Full-Time Employees

Annual Cost

Monthly Investment

Home Based



Village Business






3 – 20

$170.00 – $585.00

$25 for each employee after 3

$14.17 – $48.75

24 – 50



51 – 100



101 – 200