Dress Down Days

‘Together We Can Make a Difference!’

This program was started in 1997 by the Ladies Division of the Cheyenne County Chamber. The Ladies Chamber designed Dress Down Day project to assist charitable projects within Cheyenne County. Since the inception of Dress Down Day, the program has raised over $190,000. By the end of 2014, the Ladies Chamber has donated to over 210 organizations or charities in Cheyenne County.

We are proud of this program and happy to continue the program as part of the Chamber. It reflects the pride people have in our community and giving spirit we have here. ‘Together We Can Make a Difference.’

All organizations wishing to be considered for the Dress Down Day funds are required to fill out an application form, which is available at the Chamber office or can be printed directly (see document link below). The application will then be reviewed by our committee to make sure the project meets the criteria and qualifications to receive funds. When a group is accepted, they are notified and a specific month is appointed for them to receive the funds. Very rarely is an application rejected.

Applications are selected quarterly:

Q1: Jan-March (deadline Dec. 15)

Q2: April-June (deadline March 15)

Q3: July-Sept (deadline June 15)

Q4: Oct-Dec (deadline Sept 15)

Applications can be mailed, handed in, or scanned and emailed in to director@cheyennecountychamber.com

What People Say

““We are incredibly grateful for the support of the Cheyenne County Chamber and their members for supporting the Cheyenne County Robotics club with the donation of Dress Down Day funds! These funds provided us the opportunity to get an updated kit with parts to build robots. Thank you for supporting us!””

Cheyenne County 4-H
Cheyenne County Robotics Club